What we have here is, sadly, yet another example of police force trampling all over suspect’s rights and body.

It all started when Louisville police went after a robbery suspect, later identified as Robert G. Ellis II, who stole purses out of locked cars at a WalMart. Ellis led police on a 30-minute chase into Indiana.

A total of 22 cars from both states finally cornered the suspect in a cornfield, and officers surrounded the red pickup, guns drawn. Ellis promptly gave up, raising both hands in the air. What followed can mildly be described as a severe pounding of the suspect by several police officers.

Ellis has been charged with fleeing and resisting police, who found at least dozen purses in his truck.

Look, I understand that law enforcement is neither easy nor pretty. I completely get their frustration and immense stress levels they suffer on a daily basis. But, come on, what these guys did is freakin’ horrific.