That’s what we call a tough guy. This man launched his flaming truck into a lake. While he was driving the truck he jumped out of the already flying vehicle in mid-air. He managed to hold his nose before landing in the water. This video is just amazing and this guy nailed that. We are a little jealous but there are a lot of people who know how to have fun. In this case it’s not just the fun but this guy definitely knows how to leave safety and healthy after all that.

If we speak and live for the moment – then this is the perfect example of ‘hold my beer’ moment. This video was filmed over the Labor Day weekend that was a few days ago. This guy is from Alabama where people don’t shock from such actions. This is actually not an accident, as the guy had planned everything from the very beginning. He decided to set this old truck on fire and right after that to launch it into that lake.