Is this curious black bear getting a little bit too close for comfort?

Black bears are often more curious than they are aggressive; sometime are curious to a fault.

In the clip below, a curious black bear climbs a tree stand to check out a hunter, even though the hunter is pointing two weapons towards its head.

Richard, of Outdoor Obsession TV, has his rifle in one hand and bear spray in the other, as the curious black bear tries to get up close and personal. At one point, the bear goes so far as to try and chew on the barrel of Richard’s rifle.

There was only one point in the clip when the curious black bear looked like he was being a little aggressive. The bear was lucky that Richard was patient and didn’t fire off a round or spray the bear repellent in its face.

Last month, we shared this incredible video of a much bigger black bear getting up close and personal with two hunters in their tree stand. In that clip, the hunters try to sit as still as they can, while the monster bear breathes down their necks.