Photo from Northern Montana circa 1920’s -30’s. Back of the photo reads: “This photo was taken last year near Glacier Park —- the discovery was made by hunting party —- skeleton of man and moose —- with gun and saber as shown in picture.” A saber was not a typical item to take on your typical moose hunt, even for the time period. No identification of the remains was ever made. Likely he was one of the last remaining “real” mountain men in the area. The rifle was a muzzleloader (repeating rifles were fairly common by the 1920’s). The few teeth he had were severely worn. The vegetation around the bones had not overgrown the remains so they couldn’t have been there for more than a couple years. I feel whoever this old-timer was, he was probably pleased with the way he ultimately met his end. *Original article I found this photo in was by Jens Ulrik Hoegh