Jesse Williams‘ wife, Aryn Drake-Lee is seeking sole custody of their two minor children because, she says, he brings too many women around their kids.

According to gossip webloid TMZ, Drake-Lee wants a judge to award her sole custody of their children because Jesse has an intimate girlfriend (actress Minka Kelly) and several other side pieces when Kelly isn’t around.

Drake-Lee also points to Williams’ quick temper as another factor the judge may consider in granting her sole custody.

via — Aryn goes on, claiming Jesse has a violent temper and cites a road rage incident last month with his next-door neighbor. She says after an argument the neighbor flipped off Jesse, and he then “aggressively pursued him in his car” with their 2 kids inside. She says Jesse threatened to kill him.

She’s also pissed off that Jesse posts pics of their kids on social media and says he’s doing it as a “buffer for the negative talk about him in the media.”